About Us

The Farm at Clongill, Donaghpatrick, Navan, Co. Meath is run by James and Imelda O’Dea, a family run business.

Our Clongill Ducks lay their eggs in straw bedded egg nest boxes located at ground level. The eggs are collected by hand  early each morning. The collected eggs are then graded by hand and cleaned prior to being packed and transported to our local and national customers.

Our ducks are free to forage in the surrounding green fields, dip and dive in water troughs and generally do as they please. At night they  are secured indoors, fed with a  specifically milled high quality grain mixture and are  bedded in fresh straw.

Our ducks are not treated in any way with antibiotics, hormones or pesticides.

Our ducks are cared for using the most natural farming methods and practises possible.