Duck Egg v's Chicken Egg.

Farm Fresh Free Range Duck Eggs and Chicken Eggs are similar in both appearance and flavour. The yokes are deep orange, the flavour is rich and the “eggs stand-up” when placed into a frying pan. Farm Fresh eggs also “stay together” when dropped into hot water while being poached.

A significant health benefit from duck eggs is that most people that have an allergic reaction to chicken eggs are safely able to eat duck eggs without any adverse reaction. Duck eggs have a larger albumen (i.e. protein in the egg white) than a chicken egg. Your scrambled eggs and omelettes will be richer in flavour and for those of you who like to bake the additional protein gives your cakes and buns more “lift”.

Clongill Free Range Duck Eggs can be used in the same way as chicken eggs when baking or cooking although, take into account the difference in weight. The average weight of a duck egg is approximately 80 grams while an average chicken egg would be 50 grams. Take care not to overcook duck eggs, as their higher water content tends to make them rubbery. The shells of duck eggs are heavier than chicken eggs thus allowing them a longer shelf life.